Sullivan Engineering delivers a successful building envelope restoration project by providing the property owner with the technical assistance required to ensure that the appropriate materials are combined with high-quality workmanship. This reduces the overall life cycle maintenance costs for a facility by increasing the longevity of the building envelope and the repairs performed.


The underlying purpose in all that we do is “to assist, help and empower others to improve their quality of life”. Internally we assist each other by reinforcing our culture and core values to make sure that we are always surrounded by ethically minded people that are continuing to grow both personally and professionally. Externally we assist the end users within the buildings we work on to have a safe, dry building with a long range plan to effectively budget. The property managers that we deal with can count on Sullivan Engineering to alleviate much of the workload typically associated with a construction project and assist in preparing the Owners/Occupants both financially, emotionally and intellectually for the project. On a philanthropic level we take a great deal of pride in our service to the those in need through pro-bono projects, our paid days off to volunteer and through the students whose tuition we fund in a school in Haiti.

On each project our goal is to alleviate the workload of our clients throughout the life of a project, allowing them to continue to concentrate on other priorities. Based on the feedback that we received from our clients, Sullivan Engineering differentiates ourselves from the completion by our quick turnaround as well as trustworthy and forward thinking professionals.

Our success to date can be attributed to our strict adherence to our core values as well as partnering with clients that share those values:

  • Empower People
    • Continuous education
    • Delegate early
    • Take on additional challenges
    • The goal is to make your supervisor feel useless
  • Team First
    • Help out whenever it’s needed not just when asked
    • No Gossip Policy
    • We succeed as a team and we fail as a team.
    • Family oriented
  • Forward Thinking
    • “Common Sense”, Practical Problem Solvers
    • We begin all projects with the end in mind. What is the client’s objective for the project
    • Throughout a project we look ahead in the project schedule to identify issues that the contractor, owner or building occupant will face to eliminate or at least migrate them as early as possible
    • Goal Oriented – Review company goals quarterly and individual goals at least twice per year.
  • Honesty & Integrity
    • Always do what is right regardless of consequences
    • Best Mistake Award
    • Respect others beliefs although they might conflict with our
  • Humbly Confident
    • We are great at what we do, but we are human and therefore are fallible.
    • We have no tolerance for arrogance
    • We would prefer to show how great we are rather than tell someone about it.
    • We have great people skills because we are very relatable, we never speak above anyone nor down to them.
  • Work Ethic
    • Always do whatever is needed to get the job done right